New Shakepay feature allows users to buy bitcoin with rounded up purchases

Jean Amiouny

Shakepay, which allows Canadians to buy and sell digital currencies, is launching a new product dedicated to allowing users to buy bitcoin automatically by rounding up everyday bank card purchases.

Launched in 2015, Shakepay lets users buy and sell bitcoin and make peer-to-peer payments. To date, the company has helped over 40,000 customers exchange more than $30 million in digital currency.

“We want to keep making this easier and more frictionless for our customers, many of which buy bitcoin week-after-week for the purpose of long-term holding,” said Jean Amiouny, CEO of Shakepay. “Following Bitcoin, the entire suite of financial services is being rebuilt independently from the current financial infrastructure,” explains Amiouny. “We believe enabling access to these services is paramount to the creation of wealth and economic freedom.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Freelance tech writer. Former BetaKit News Editor.