New HYPERDRIVE Accelerator Cohort Announced, brings on 11 new startups!

Communitech announced the new HYPERDIVE cohort companies today and also reinforced the changes of their 6-month startup accelerator program – which is the only one of its kind in Canada. The first 3 months will be a sprint that concludes in a Demo Day in Waterloo on October 18th with a potential investment of $150,000, the following 3-months will focus on sales and marketing and adds an additional Demo Day in Toronto to engage a broader group of potential investors.

“The intent with HYPERDRIVE has always been to take our companies to the point where they have validated their business models and markets and become attractive prospects for investors. With our new format, we are better positioned to transition them into the sales and marketing mindset they need to drive revenue and scale their businesses,” said Doug Cooper, the program’s Managing Director.

This group is the third HYPERDRIVE cohort. Since its creation just over a year ago, HYPERDRIVE has admitted 18 companies to its first two cohorts. These companies have successfully raised over $3.7M, made more than $500,000 in revenue and created over 70 jobs.

The companies announced today as part of HYPERDRIVE Cohort 3 are: Apollonia Health, AvidTap, Commission Pitch, Market Cloud, RENOMii, Roadmunk, StrataVox, Studybucks, Tacit Innovations, Togethr and Smile Epidemic.


Apollonia Health is an oral healthcare biotech company developing and commercializing natural, safe and effective anti-cavity oral rinse products for children that do not contain fluoride, alcohol, or any other industrialized chemicals that can be harmful if ingested. [Website] [Twitter]


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AvidTap is a company that is making local retail mobile. Its first product is a mobile pre-payment and loyalty platform that will engage, retain and attract local customers. AvidTap uses proprietary technology that allows customers to pay for purchases, gather points and communicate with stores. [Website] [Twitter]



Commission Pitch is a platform that fills an online void for information on real estate agents’ skills, experience and expertise by providing neighbourhood-level statistics on agents’ transaction histories. Commission Pitch also connects agents directly with new clients by allowing buyers and sellers to communicate with, solicit offers from, and hire agents directly through the platform. [Website] [Twitter]


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Market Cloud provides a web-based financial terminal that delivers the tools investors need, at a price they can actually afford. [Website] [Twitter]


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RENOMii Technologies is a SaaS company developing software that allows for easier, content rich communication between homeowners and contractors during a renovation. Its cloud-based software provides a painless process to quote, direct order, manage and invoice clients. [Website] [Twitter]



Roadmunk is a collaborative web application that allows executives and product managers to create and publish beautiful product roadmaps. [Website] [Twitter]


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StrataVox is a cloud-based platform that streamlines processes and communications for the property management industry. It creates unprecedented efficiencies for all players, better service for residents, and lower costs for condominium owners. [Website] [Twitter]


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Studybucks is a mobile application where parents can reward kids with cash for solving math problems. [Website] [Twitter]


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Tacit Innovations. Its RestoLinkx product revolutionizes the way consumers discover, browse, order and pay for their meals at any restaurant from the comfort of their smartphones. Restaurant owners and operators are also empowered with the right capabilities to increase their revenues and drive overall profitability. [Website] [Twitter]



Togethr is a mobile gift giving service that revolutionizes the way friends, families and colleagues give to one another. [Website] [Twitter]



Smile Epidemic is from the creator of Plasticity – Workplace Social Engagement Software that disrupts employee engagement measurement and stimulus by providing more accurate, relevant and current data that will forever change how employers spend their HR budgets. [Website] [Twitter]



April Dunford

April Dunford has been the head of marketing at several startups and is currently the co-founder and Managing Director of RocketScope a boutique consulting firm focused on helping early and growth-stage startups build a better revenue engine through great marketing.

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