NACO and Female Funders partner to create angel investing education programs

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NACO and Highline BETA-owned Female Funders have announced a partnership to encourage more women to pursue angel investing, and provide education to remote communities.

The two organizations will work to offer access to education programs and online content on the foundations of investing.

“Female Funders is already a well-established online training platform. But NACO has done a great job in creating their content around NACO Academy,” said Lauren Robinson, COO of Highline BETA and executive director of Female Funders. “We just really wanted to align our effort to create net new content, but also the intention to allow a lot of NACO members — including in other communities that are underserved, not just in Canada — have access to angel investor training.”

Highline BETA announced its acquisition of Female Funders — which was founded by Katherine Hague — in early July. Highline BETA expressed its desire to support 1,000 women angels by 2020.

“Having diversity of thought on both sides of the table is part of the equation, so having more decision makers — not just as investors but as board members, as people who can contribute to early-stage growth — is important,” said Robinson. “And not just in supporting women-led businesses, but supporting any early-stage companies.”

NACO and Female Funders will be announcing member benefits and education programs over the next few months. Female Funders will also be announcing the 2018 Angel School course next month.

“NACO is thrilled to be entering into this partnership with Female Funders as part of the Organization’s commitment to creating access and education to empower more women investors in our membership”, said Yuri Navarro, executive director of NACO. “We will be actively working with Female Funders to support their goal of empowering 1,000 new women angel investors by 2020.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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