Montreal’s Beyond The Rack Launches iPhone and iPad App

Montreal-based flash sale eretailer Beyond The Rack announced this morning it has released its mobile app compatible with iPhone and iPad.

To do it, Beyond The Rack joined forces with award-winning mobile agency Plastic Mobile to create a “state-of-the- art mobile shopping app.”

“Beyond the Rack has always been about convenience and the launch of our mobile app is another important step in that direction. Many of our customers already enjoy shopping BTR on their iPads and iPhones – our new app makes it even easier,” said CEO Yona Shtern.

Beyond The Rack is a Canadian startup success story, and could even be Canada’s first billion dollar company in a few years (even though a few different companies are aggressively vying for that title). Shtern and cofounder Robert Gold’s rise to ecommerce royalty in Canada has been well documented. The company has come a long way since the CEO spent the company’s last $5,000 on a ticket to Zurich to try and convince eventual investor Oliver Jung to write them a cheque for $600,000. It worked. Today the Canadian flash sale giant stands at over 9.5 million members and is looking towards $200 million in sales this year.

Its new iOS mobile app gives members quick and easy on-the-go access to exclusive, curated events. The start of sale notifications and event countdown timer help users to stay informed and never miss a deal before time runs out. The customized search function allows shoppers to filter and sort by size, price, or discount for fast results, and the 3-tap easy checkout process should translate to a hassle-free checkout experience.

“As mobile is becoming more prominent in the retail industry, customers now expect to have access to their favourite brands in the palm of their hands.” said Plastic Mobile’s Melody Adhami. “The online shopping industry demands that players meet their customers where they already are, on their mobile devices.”

Plastic Mobile is an award-winning mobile marketing agency of thinkers, artists, creators and builders based in the Liberty Villiage area of Toronto. Beyond The Rack, meanwhile, was founded in 2009 and has raised a total of $53.6 million in venture capital.

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