Montreal Startup Open House Event Gives People a Chance to Peek into the Startup Life

BetaKit is excited to sponsor the Montreal Startup Open House Event on October 30. The event, organized by Busbud founder LP Maurice, Real Ventures‘ Gabriel Sundaram, and Catherine Ouellet-Dupuis of Comités pour Entrepreneurs, will showcase over 30 Montreal-based startups to allow entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts to tour their offices and chat.

The event page is short and sweet: “Drop by our offices. Who knows what you’ll find? Beer. Darts. Demos. Various start-up people in their natural habitats. Come and say hi!”

Everyone is invited, including students, young professionals and those seeking startup jobs. It’s a free event but the organizers ask that potential participants sign up online.

The inspiration for the event came from several Montrealers showing growing interest for startups and the possibility of working at a startup. “So we figured this would be a good way to show them what startups are actually like,” reads the event page.

The event also draws inspiration from the very successful Portes Ouvertes Design Montreal, where 110 design firms opened up their doors opened up their doors over two days in May. “We also discovered later that some YCombinator startups also organized a similar “distributed open house” event in San Francisco a few years ago too.”

Startups wishing to join as an open house host can also do so by contacting If individuals prefer to wander each office as part of a “team”, they can also do so and join one of several groups including Startup Canada, The Founder Project or International Startup Festival’s crew.

The organizers of Startup Drinks Montreal also decided to join in the fun and will hold its monthly event on October 30 as well. The Startup Open House will run from 4-7 PM while Startup Drinks runs from 7-9 PM.

Most of the open houses can be found along St. Laurent Boulevard.

Here’s a list of some of the companies participating in the Montreal Startup Open House event:

  • Frank and Oak
  • Shopify
  • Password Box
  • Busbud
  • Nexalogy
  • Plotly
  • FounderFuel
  • Oohlala Mobile
  • LightSpeed
  • Wavo

(and many more)


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