Mindbridge.AI named BNN’s Top Disruptor

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Business News Network named Mindbridge.AI its top disruptor for season six.

Mindbridge’s platform uses AI to help professionals identify high-risk items, and outline entries and activities that should be investigated. Targeted to financial auditors, governments, and not-for-profit organizations, the company raised $4.3 million in June with lofty ambitions of generating $100 million in revenue in four years, and going public in five years.

Mindbridge co-founder Jim Fagan sat down with BNN’s The Disruptors co-host Bruce Croxon to talk about Canada’s AI ecosystem, and why they’re confident in building a world-class company.

“Our goal is to remain in Canada and build this into a global powerhouse.”

“If we were to draw three circles on the business expertise, the domain knowledge, and technical expertise. At Mindbridge, we cover all three of those,” said Fagan. “There’s a huge demand for what we’re solving. We’ve been talking to hundreds of customers across the world.”

Fagan also indicated that the world is looking at Canada for its AI talent. “Take a look at the centres that are being set up across the country. In Toronto, the Montreal area, and even Edmonton. There’s a lot of depth and expertise in Canada,” said Fagan. “Part of our mandate and what we’re looking at is, how do we grow that? At Mindbridge we want to put Ottawa on the map. And we want to build AI industry within Ottawa itself and grow that.”

Croxon checked in on the company’s plan to IPO within five years — and whether they can do it in Canada. “If you come to our office there’s a banner on our wall, and we had the employees sign it in April this year. It says ‘Mindbridge. IPO-ready. 2021.’ So our goal is to remain in Canada and build this into a global powerhouse.”

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