MediaCore lands $4.5 million to help “transform how people teach and learn using video”

Victoria-based MediaCore, a company that developed a cloud-based educational video platform, has received $4.5 million led by Vanedge Capital.

The company started in 2011 by Stuart Bowness and Damien Tanner to enable schools to have an online library where students and professors can create and easily and securely share educational videos. MediaCore is currently in over 100 universities, including Yale, Brown and UC Berkeley.

“Our mission is to transform how people teach and learn using video,” said Stuart Bowness, CEO of MediaCore. “We’re here for the long haul. The investment will be used to continue to invest in our product and to hire up and scale operations.”

“We were compelled by Stuart, the team, and what they’ve built to power the next-generation of students who have a lot of demand for online video in the classes they are taking,” said Moe Kermani, partner at Vanedge Capital. “We got a lot of passionate feedback from MediaCore’s customers, and it was clear that they were winning big on user experience, support and enterprise integrations, which we see as key in their market.”

Bowness stated they will use the investment to hire, expand and scale its offerings. There was no mention of the specific additions to its products but noted, “we’ve got some awesome things up our sleeves for 2015.”


Ian Hardy

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