Mappedin launches new interface that changes according to retail environment


Just under a month after announcing a new round of funding, Mappedin announced a new interface for its interactive indoor mapping and navigation platform.

The relaunched platform is meant to match the to reflect the “fast-changing” nature of retail; depending on factors like the time of day, location within a venue, events, and promotions, the display will change accordingly.

“Physical, in-mall directories are, in essence, a mall’s ‘homepage’ enabling customers to efficiently find what they’re seeking out. There’s no reason why these displays shouldn’t be as responsive and real-time as a typical ecommerce site, but historically keeping them up-to-date has been a thorn in the side of many mall owners,” said Hongwei Liu, co-founder and CEO of Mappedin. “Our software is now the workhorse behind elegant, informative, and up-to- date digital directories within the largest, most premium malls and retailers in North America. To maintain that level of quality it’s imperative that, with each iteration of our interface, we learn and incorporate more about what users seek and how directories can best serve those needs.”

Liu said that the relaunch was a “logical next step” for the company, which has customers managing hundreds of properties and struggling to keep them all up-to-date. The new platform includes more dynamic media like Tiles, a grid of tappable media like photos and videos that can be assorted by what’s trending, and automated templates that make it easier to design a directory.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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