Lumeca approved to operate as virtual healthcare services provider in Saskatchewan

Regina-based virtual healthcare startup Lumeca has received approval from the Government of Saskatchewan to provide virtual healthcare services to the province’s residents. Lumeca is now available for free to all Saskatchewan residents with a valid Saskatchewan Health Card.

“We hope to relieve pressure off of the healthcare system and meet the demand from Saskatchewan residents.”

The startup’s technology gives patients direct access to licenced Saskatchewan doctors through secure text, audio, and video consultations. Doctors on the platform provide advice, diagnoses, and prescriptions for a wide range of conditions. The service is available for COVID-19 (coronavirus) screening and general health consultations.

“We hope to relieve pressure off of the healthcare system and meet the demand from Saskatchewan residents who need medical advice during this difficult time,” said Shawn Hazen, director and founder of Lumeca. “Whether you are self-isolating, exhibiting symptoms or need specific questions answered, our team is here to support the health of Saskatchewan residents.”

Founded in 2016, Lumeca’s telemedicine platform allows people to see a doctor online within minutes: twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The platform handles services from managing referrals to sending prescriptions to a user’s preferred pharmacy. Currently, Lumeca is only available for Saskatchewan residents.

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Lumeca’s approval comes as provinces across the country are looking to quickly open access to virtual healthcare for Canadians amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The current advice from the federal government for Canadians is to self-isolate for 14 days if they believe they have the virus, which can prevent them from accessing healthcare resources. In the wake of this, virtual healthcare options have become increasingly popular.

Last week in Ontario, the provincial healthcare agency Ontario Health West signed a procurement agreement with healthtech startup InputHealth, a tool to track and screen patients during the outbreak. Alberta also recently partnered with Telus to make available its Babylon virtual healthcare services, which includes doctors.

Toronto-based healthtech startup Maple is providing online COVID-19 screenings with a live physician to Ontario residents. Montreal-based Dialogue also recently launched a free tool to give Canadian access to the latest public health information and resources pertaining to the COVID-19.

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