LiveQoS’ New “LiveQaas” Platform Makes Mobile Internet Connection A Lot Cleaner

Since acquiring former FounderFuel startup Openera in late October, Ottawa’s LiveQoS has been toiling away at its “Quality as a Service” platform, which makes mobile internet a lot less painful. It’s called “The LiveQaas”.

LiveQoS calls itself the market leader in “quality of experience,” (QoE) for mobile devices. Put more simply, QoE is the subjective measure of a customer’s entire experiences with a service. This doesn’t just mean “UX”, but its based on a number of metrics surrounding the vendor’s or purveyor’s offering from the standpoint of the customer.

Now it has released its LiveQaas platform, or again, “Live Quality as a Service”. The platform dramatically enhances QoE for all mobile devices and cloud applications by maximizing performance over slow, laggy, and congested wired, WiFi, and mobile networks.

In an email to me this morning, LiveQoS explained it all quite clearly: the company has long offered “IPQ”, a technology that fixes network performance to allow for the best user experience. “Now, they’ve decided to take that technology and offer it specifically as a service for mobile and wireless devices, especially as mobile usage is on the rise and people want to access emails, files, cloud files, applications and websites from mobile/wireless devices as quickly and reliably as necessary,” wrote the company. “LiveQaaS fixes network impairments, and is a form of error correction by removing the impact of packet loss. It offers protocol and WiFi acceleration, while also performing real-time monitoring to allow them to monitor the device itself and whether connectivity issues are with the overall network or with the device.”


Mobile devices that use the LiveQaas platform “guarantee the best mobile user experience,” by maximizing the network speed for:

•          Browsing the web

•          Streaming video

•          Uploading photos and documents

•          Downloading media and large files

•          Syncing files in the cloud (backup & restore)

•          Using Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud and mobile apps

•          Video chatting and conferencing

•          Accessing business documents remotely

“We designed LiveQaaS™ to be easily embedded on mobile devices, or integrated with mobile cloud applications using a simple API,” said CEO Martin Horne.  “Mobile device manufacturers and mobile application developers have told us that WiFi and 3G/4G networks have inconsistent quality, resulting in unhappy users. Unwittingly, these users blame the cloud application or the device, when the real culprit is the network. We fix these network problems, so mobile devices and applications run amazingly fast, even under poor network conditions.”

According to the company, LiveQaaS does this by continuously monitoring the network, device, and application. It then adaptively tunes IPQ’s™ optimizers to fix problems immediately, “giving users the ultimate mobile experience.”

“Everything is mobile now and end users need and expect their device and apps to work better and faster. We give our customers this unique competitive advantage,” added Horne.

Here’s a short explainer video that LiveQoS provided us:

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