LINKETT has “seen its valuation significantly increase” since the Apple Pay Announcement

With the announcement of Apple’s entry into the mobile payment space with Apple Pay, Waterloo-based LINKETT has reportedly “seen its valuation significantly increase.”

“Our company’s valuation and patent value has significantly increased overnight following the announcement that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will come equipped with NFC,” said Douglas Lusted, CEO of LINKETT. “Over the last few years, there have debates, specifically in the retail industry, on whether or not NFC would become standard practice. Now that Apple has shown their next move, the scramble for the best NFC technology has begun. LINKETT is at the forefront of this race, and our patented NFC technology is the perfect solution for retailers looking to implement NFC technology.”

LINKETT, created by WestonExpressions, is part of Communitech’s COHORT 4 and provides hardware and software tools for the ad industry, specifically in digital signage, mobile communications and data collection. Through its Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which makes “dumb screens smart,” a sensor that plus into any device gives advertisers the ability to connect with shoppers on any size display to capture attention and valuable data.


Ian Hardy

Ian is publisher at MobileSyrup. He's been quietly creating and building things for years and is completely addicted to Tim Hortons.

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