Lighthouse Labs to help Venture for Canada grads get code-savvy

Venture for Canada

Lighthouse Labs and Venture for Canada, a nonprofit dedicated to recruiting top grads to work at Canadian startups, are partnering to equip Venture for Canada Fellows with the technical skills needed to pursue entrepreneurship.

Through Venture for Canada’s program, Fellows spend two years working at a Canadian startup, in addition to a five-week Fellow Training Camp, and enjoy ongoing mentorship; past Fellows include alumni of The Next 36, a Top 20 Under 20 recipient, and a former Apple engineer. As part of the partnership, Fellows will receive discounted rates for Lighthouse Labs courses, which can supplement their on-the-job work experience at different startups.

“At Venture for Canada, we are focused on providing recent graduates the experience needed to launch their own firms. This partnership will provide more recent graduates with essential technical skills,” said Scott Stirrett, executive director of Venture for Canada.

At the same time, Lighthouse Labs is offering discounted prices for courses to all applicants from Venture for Canada (for the most recent cohort of Fellows, Venture for Canada received over 800 applications for only 37 Fellowship spots).

“We see great alignment between the missions of Lighthouse Labs and Venture for Canada. Both organizations are committed to providing Canada’s top talent with the skills that they need to succeed in their careers,” said Jeremy Shaki, CEO of Lighthouse Labs.

Disclosure: BetaKit and Lighthouse Labs share co-working space in our Vancouver and Toronto offices.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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