Lighthouse Labs launches coding scholarship program for underrepresented groups

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Canadian coding bootcamp Lighthouse Labs has announced the launch of a scholarship program to help support individuals from underrepresented groups in technology.

At launch, Lighthouse Labs’ community partnerships include the First Nations Technology Council and Cogeco Peer 1.

The Lighthouse Labs Scholarship Program will rely on collaboration between the coding school, Canadian tech companies, and other community organizations focused on diversity and inclusion for both funding and selection of worthy scholarship recipients. Recipients will be selected based on merit, existing coding aptitude, and a passion for giving back to their communities. Lighthouse Labs will contribute $150,000 to the program, with additional funding coming from ongoing external partners.

“Right now, the barriers to enter the tech industry are very high for certain groups of people. Because technology is responsible for finding solutions to so many of our everyday problems, it’s so important to empower people with different mindsets and experiences to succeed at careers in tech,” said Lighthouse Labs CEO Jeremy Shaki. “With the Lighthouse Labs Scholarship Program, we want to be active participants in breaking down these barriers to entry for underrepresented groups.”

At launch of this scholarship program, Lighthouse Labs’ community partnerships include the First Nations Technology Council, which will provide scholarships within their membership based in British Columbia. Cogeco Peer 1 is also offering a scholarship for women developers.

For more information on the scholarship or on becoming a Lighthouse Labs Scholarship Program partner, visit

Disclosure: BetaKit operates within Lighthouse Labs’ Devhub co-working space in Toronto.

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