Lazaridis’ Perimeter Institute receives $4 million in new funding

Mike Lazaridis

Founded in 1999 by former BlackBerry co-CEO Mike Lazaridis, the Perimeter Institute is the world’s largest research facility devoted to theoretical physics. On Monday, the Waterloo-based institute announced that it had received over $4 million in new funding partnerships, according to reports from the Record.

The funding is a mix of both private and public partnerships, with three of the partnerships funding new scientific research chairs. The Perimeter Institute will match the contributions for each new chair.

    – $2 million for the Freeman Dyson Chair in Theoretical Physics

    – $1 million for the Paul Dirac Chair in Theoretical Physics

    – $300,000 James Clerk Maxwell Chair in Theoretical Physics

The Perimeter Institute will also see the creation of a 500,000 endowment fund to support young talent in the physics field, and a $300,000 donation to Perimeter’s International Summer School for Young Physicists.

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

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