Lazaridis Institute opens applications for Scale-Up program

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The Lazaridis Institute at Wilfrid Laurier University has announced that it will be touring 15 Canadian cities this summer to give tech companies an opportunity to join its Lazaridis Scale-Up Program.

From June 5 to June 27, the Lazaridis Institute will travel to 15 cities to evaluate tech companies that have the potential to scale. The goal is to find companies that can participate in the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program’s third cohort, which is designed to help founders scale their businesses.

“This tour is an opportunity to connect with tech ecosystems across the nation.”
-Kim Morouney

The Lazaridis Institute said it has partnered with tech hubs across the country to host conversations focused on growth factors that have a large impact on scaling. Its country-wide tours will feature Chris Yeh, one of the creators of the Blitzscaling approach taught at Stanford University, who will speak about business models that support fast-growth; shifts in strategy needed at different levels of scaling; and management challenges that tech companies face as they grow.

“Each year, the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program brings together 10 of Canada’s most promising tech companies to work with global experts, grow their networks, and prepare for their next round of financing,” said Kim Morouney, managing director of the Lazaridis Institute.

Along with learning about the Blitzscaling approach, tech companies will also get to learn about HockeyStick’s open database of Canadian startups and investors, which is funded in part by the Institite.

“This tour is an opportunity to connect with tech ecosystems across the nation,” said Morouney. “We want to share our research, invite companies to take advantage of this new data platform, and learn how we can all work together to scale Canada’s tech companies. Our goal is to uncover the resources and foster the talent tech companies need to grow—and to stay here in Canada.”

The tour will visit the following cities on the following dates:

  • Halifax: Tuesday, June 5
  • St. John’s: Wednesday, June 6
  • Moncton: Thursday, June 7
  • Winnipeg: Monday, June 11
  • Saskatoon: Tuesday, June 12
  • Calgary: Wednesday, June 13
  • Edmonton: Thursday, June 14
  • Ottawa: Monday, June 18
  • Toronto: Wednesday, June 19
  • Waterloo: Tuesday, June 20
  • Victoria: Tuesday, June 26
  • Vancouver: Wednesday, June 27
  • Montreal: Wednesday, July 4
  • Quebec City: Thursday, July 5
  • Charlottetown: TBD

Applications for the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program are open until July 27.


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