Knowledgehook named Business News Network’s Top Disruptor of the season


Throughout the entire season of The Disruptors, there have been 38 startups pitching on the show — from FinTech to wearables to VR, startups from diverse industries had a chance to show how they were forcing traditional industries to rethink the status quo.

In the end, though, one startup stood out as the Top Disruptor, picked out of the top 10 chosen by the public. That startup was Knowledgehook, which recently won Google Demo Day’s Game Changer Award. Knowledgehook, which is part of Communitech’s Rev program, pitched on Week 18 — the second-last week of the show — and at the time, co-host Bruce Croxon said that he appreciated that the platform empowered teachers to find innovative ways to help students learn.

For taking the title, Knowledgehook co-founder Travis Ratnam sat with Bruce Croxon for a spotlight interview. Ratnam will also get the chance to pitch to Round 13 Capital.

Ratnam explained to Bruce how the platform works. If a student were learning the concept of perimeter, he said that most math teachers don’t realize that kids who struggle with the concept of perimeter often confuse it with area. So Knowledgehook would identify that specific issue and provide teachers with a teaching strategy designed by math experts.

“We’ve begun the early soft launch into the United States, it’s getting a lot of pickup now and teachers are starting to demo this across the US. This sets us up really well when we launch in September. So we’ll pick three states, and target the school boards.”

Watch the whole interview below:

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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