Knowledgehook describes how it wants to change traditional math education


With the rise of smartphone and iPad usage, industries across almost all verticals have been trying to figure out how to leverage the technology people are already using to improve their own processes. Education is no exception — school districts like those in New York
have been experimenting with tech in the classroom, and homegrown companies like FreshGrade are seeing significant interest in the form of investments.

Knowledgehook, a recent winner of Google’s Game Changer Award, went on The Disruptors to describe how its platform is revolutionizing math education. The interactive platform analyzes the academic performance of math students in real time, while giving teachers access to questions designed to fit their curriculum. All students can participate during lessons from a web-enabled device.

“Under the hood, it’s searching for the reasons why students struggle and offers teaching strategies that are proven by math experts to help those areas of struggle,” said Travis Ratnam, co-founder of Knowledgehook. “We’re already experimenting on the edges of how best to provide teaching strategies and teaching training to different programs like the workshops schoolboards have, but we’re also starting to explore other activities like tutoring,”

Co-host Bruce Croxon liked that Knowledgehook empowered teachers to find innovative ways to teach in a way that engages students. “There’s 6,000 teachers using it, and they don’t have to go through the school board and then to teachers. Teachers can proactively use it, turn to the board, and then say they’re using it. That solves the biggest problem in educational software if I’ve got it right,”

Watch the whole pitch below:

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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