Knote says its automated document analysis platform helps companies work smarter


Reading through hundreds of pages of textbooks just to find two or three main points is tedious and time-consuming. But in the near future, AI could automate the process and summarize lengthy documents in a fraction of the time.

This is what Knote, the latest pitch on The Disruptors, is trying to do using AI. Knote works by helping companies automate document processing, handling, and analysis. Users can upload digital documents, and Knote’s system will read it just like a human would, providing summaries and categorizing the information that’s most useful to the reader.

“Knote is disrupting the insurance and legal industries,” said Ron Glozman, the founder and CEO of Knote. “Our long-term goal is to become the leading artificial intelligence platform in natural language processing. We want to help those 200 million people around the world who rely on information to make important decisions. We want to help them work smart, and not hard.”

In July 2016, Knote pitched at Mastercard Canada and Next Canada’s Mastercard Challenge. According to Glozman, the company has over 2,000 students in 44 universities around the world using its platform.

Co-host Bruce Croxon says Knote is tackling a very large problem, as many companies often have to sift through hundreds of pages of legal documents.

“A lot of time is spent sifting through documents, stuff that’s really relatively low value. A lot of that time is now going to be saved. What’s not to like?”

Watch the full pitch below:

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