Kiwi wants to help smokers quit with its smartwatch app


Artificial intelligence startup Kiwi wants to help smartwatch owners quit smoking.

Developed as a standalone app for Android Wear smartwatches, Cue is designed to help users cut back and eventually quit smoking.

According to Kiwi, Cue “uses the sensor and machine learning algorithms from” to automatically track when and where people smoke.

In addition to tracking how often an individual smokes, the app also allows hopeful quitters to set goals, and even earn points and rewards for successfully staying on track.

Cue users can convert those points into Starbucks dollars. Approximately 1,000 points translate into $1 CAD at Starbucks, until the end of June.

The Kiwi team say their app is different because it’s a smartwatch exclusive and because the app works by not forcing anyone to change their habits.

“A key part to maintaining any habit is consistency, and ease of use,” says an excerpt from the Kiwi blog.

“When we set out to make software to reduce smoking, we had two key rules in mind: It cannot make the user do more work [and] it must deliver a benefit beyond the novelty phase…we were not going [to] make up vanity metrics.”

As a result, the app does most of the difficult work — tracking and recording how often users smoke — leaving smokers to focus on what matters most: quitting smoking.

“We have developed an algorithm to automatically detect when you smoke,” reads the Kiwi blog.

“Our app is your champion to nudge you on the path to quit by making small, yet consistent, improvements to the average time between cigarettes.”

Anyone interested in testing the app — and anyone interested in quitting smoking — can sign up for the Cue beta test.

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Sameer Chhabra

Sameer Chhabra is a staff writer at MobileSyrup.

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