Kickstarter Success ‘The Bradley’ Watch for Vision-Impaired Hits Canada

“The Bradley” watch is coming to Canada.

The watch can’t really be described as a “smart” watch in modern terms, but it effectively allows the blind or partially sighted to check the time in a discreet way. It ended up raising over half a million dollars on Kickstarter on a $40,000 ask, back in August 2013.

Now The Bradley is available for purchase in Canada via CNIB Shop. The price? $295 big ones.

Named for an ex-naval officer and gold-medal Paralympian, The Bradley quickly grew from a Kickstarter campaign to a high-demand timepiece that can be worn by anyone regardless of their level of vision.

It was created to address a need in the blind and partially sighted community. Many of the accessible timepieces currently on the market aren’t always accurate, said the creators, and often make it impossible to discreetly check the time. The Bradley uses magnetic ball bearings that move around the front and side of the watch’s face to indicate minute and hour; with just a touch a user can accurately and secretly check the time.

The Bradley was created by E-one Timepieces in collaboration with product designers, engineers and people with vision loss. Its sleek and functional design makes it not only stylish but accessible. Powered by magnets, the ball bearings move around the watch using a Swiss Quartz Movement to deliver precise and accurate time down to the second. Its titanium body is stylish, durable and easy to clean and is waterproof up to 50m.

The Bradley was also nominated for design of the year by Design Museum




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