Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces $50 million investment in Waterloo’s Perimeter Institute

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Perimeter Institute would receive $50 million in funding from the federal government over five years starting in 2017.

The Waterloo-based Institute will continue its work in scientific research, training, and education outreach in foundational theoretical physics, a branch of physics that focuses on understanding the nature of our universe.

“This investment will help drive the important work they’ve done here at the Institute, and will securely place Canada at the forefront during a time of cutting-edge research that we see and the whole world needs,” Trudeau said during the announcement. “That includes core work into theoretical physics, innovative training programs, and outreach programs designed to get students, teachers, and all Canadians excited about science.”

Prime Minister Trudeau pointed out that without work being done at places like the Perimeter Institute, we wouldn’t have breakthroughs like computers or wireless technology. “We promised that our government would value science, and would invest in innovation to grow our economy, and I’m glad we’re delivering on that promise,” Trudeau said.

During the question period for reporters, Prime Minister Trudeau addressed the need for reliable transportation between the Toronto-Waterloo Region, saying that he’s been working with “innovators” on the issue. “The fact is that it’s not up to the federal government to tell Kitchener-Waterloo or Toronto what’s right for all of you. The federal government will be a partner to the Region and Canadians that have plans to grow economy and respond to challenges. I and the Minister of Infrastructure are sitting down with municipal and provincial leaders to figure out the best way to serve the Region.”

At the same time, the Prime Minister managed to avoid a question about Canada’s ISIL mission by explaining quantum computing to a journalist that joked that he wasn’t going to ask him about quantum computing — and, apparently, he made a pretty decent attempt.

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