JobBliss wants to help companies stay lean with its freelancer database


By 2020, according to an Intuit report, freelancers will take up 40 percent of the American workforce. This number is only expected to increase as more large companies turn to freelancers to keep costs down — and more freelancers that enjoy the freedom enter the market.

JobBliss, one of the latest companies pitching on The Disruptors, is trying to harmonize the process of freelancing to make both sides happy. Its database allows freelancers to find and line up jobs months in advance, rather than wondering where the next job will come from. For employers, the platform allows them to search vetted freelancers, and add freelancers they’ve enjoyed working with to their own “little black book” on JobBliss.

“We want freelancing to not be a bad word. These are skilled people and we want to help them make a viable career out of their skill set,” said Angie Kramer, CEO of JobBliss. “On the flip side, we want to give employers the ability to create cost-effective models that involve freelance talent.”

While co-host Bruce Croxon said that they were taking the freelancer-matching market to the next level, co-host Amber Kanwar wondered about the long-term impact “Uberfication” of jobs. “You’re no longer going to a single place 9-5 and working the whole week, you can make arguments about whether that’s better or worse.”

Watch the whole pitch below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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