It’s Official: Canadians Love Their Weather Apps

Nearly half of 19,000 surveyed Canadians say they regularly check their weather app, according to a new study from Ipsos. The Canadian Press reported the story this morning.

Interestingly, South Africans checked their weather app the most, at 56 percent of respondents. The global average was 39 percent.

About a third of the Canadians said they regularly use a banking app and a quarter said they use music and news apps frequently. The Canadian Press reported that Canadians were tied for third-last globally when it came to reading news through an app.


But 42 percent of Canadians also said that they don’t use apps that much, or at least not the eight apps that Ipsos asked them about.

The numbers are interesting given the recent Rogers report that we wrote about last week, where it was revealed that Canadians like being connected so much that they’d give up their morning coffee for it. In that same poll, it was revealed that smartphone owners had an average of 21 apps on their device and tablet owners had an average of 29 apps installed. IPhone users had installed an average of 30 apps, which was triple the number for BlackBerry users and 50 percent more than Google Android users. Meanwhile IPad users downloaded an average of 36 apps downloaded, which still considerably more than BlackBerry and Android tablet owners.

Over half the respondents of the Rogers study had the Facebook app on their phone, 41 percent had YouTube, 28 percent had Twitter, 19 percent had Instagram, 16 percent had Google+, 14 percent had LinkedIn and 12 percent each had Snapchat and Pinterest. As expected, these numbers were made more interesting when age came into play: those between the ages of 16 and 29 were far more likely to use social media apps. Nearly three quarters of them used Facebook, 68 percent used YouTube, 47 percent used Instagram and 46 percent each used Twitter and Snapchat.



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