IoT pilot at UBC will help create action plan for accessible parking


eleven-X, a network operator enabling the Internet of Things (IoT), announced several initiatives with the University of British Columbia to help the university make data-informed decisions on its services.

In October, eleven-X launched an initiative to collect data using parking sensors connected to the eleven-X LoRa Wide Area Network. The goal is to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing parking spaces for people with disabilities. The data will provide parking profiles for each individual parking stall, enabling the university to analyze and evaluate the effective use of the stalls.

The pilot is expected to last six months; at the end of the estimated six months, the data samples will decide whether or not the university will create a plan of action for the whole campus.

“Our goal is to ensure UBC provides optimal parking accessibility for disabled individuals. Capturing real-time data will provide a detailed view of usage frequency enabling our operations to ensure that accessible parking is efficient and always available,” said Brian Jones, director of parking and access Services at UBC. “Improving the parking experience for our students, staff and visitors, requiring accessible parking is our principal goal.”

In November, eleven-X launched its second Smart Campus initiative with UBC to track fill-levels of outdoor waste disposal and recycling bins in campus parking facilities. The goal is to improve waste collection efficiency by providing optimized route planning and pick-up, while reducing costs by optimizing pick-up schedules and eliminating the need for emergency call-outs.

The pilot is expected to last three months.

“This pilot represents the second Smart Campus project UBC’s Parking has undertaken with eleven-X, underscoring the benefits that our LoRaWAN network is capable of delivering and the benefits to our customers of having network coverage available from coast-to-coast in Canada,” said Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-X. “From parking to waste management, our Low Power, Long Range wireless network promises to deliver value all our customers are coming to expect, across many diverse applications.”

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