Infiniti Lab announces nine startups joining its smart city-focused accelerator


Infiniti Lab, the IoT and smart city accelerator launched by Infiniti Motors, has announced the nine companies that will be joining the first cohort of its Toronto lab.

Infiniti Lab is a month-long accelerator program that provides mentorship and training to early-stage startups focused on smart city solutions and the Internet of Things (IoT). Selected companies will compete to secure a place in Infiniti Lab Hong Kong, a global program that provides access to markets in China, and the Asian startup ecosystem.

“Selecting the startups to participate in the inaugural INFINITI LAB Toronto program was no easy task thanks to the hotbed of talent in Canadian startups surrounding Internet of Things and smart cities,” said Stephen Lester, managing director of INFINITI Canada. “We’ve selected companies that have the potential to transform the way we interact with our cities and with the objects around us, and we’re excited to provide mentorship, access to technology, and expertise through the program to further accelerate their growth.”

The program will include IoT and smart cities experts from around North America, as well as experts on marketing, finance, sales, and data science. The program will end with a Demo Day on June 28, where each startup will pitch to a panel of venture capitalists.

The Infiniti Lab’s first cohort includes:

  • Rover Parking: A marketplace that allows individuals and businesses that have empty driveways or parking spaces to share with others for a fee
  • Pull Technologies: A mobile application that allows humans to connect to IoT, allowing people to engage with each other through IM, phone call, Facebook, and other social platforms.
  • Tap Report: A digital solution for any workplace inspection, including washrooms and fire equipment
  • Ubiqweus: Developing an electronic device called qBiq, which is a social sensing and monitoring device that builds data-sharing communities around people, places, and things
  • RoadLaunch: Developing an IoT platform that aims to make transportation and shipping management fast and automated
  • InnerSpace: provides a turnkey indoor mapping and location platform to commercial real-estate
  • Nxcar: A connected car solution for the extended warranty industry
  • DRVEN: Allows drivers to upgrade their car by connecting drivers and their cars to a network of handpicked Premier Service Partners
  • Pitstop Predictive Maintenence: Uses a mobile app, a telematics device, and AI to monitor, predict, and communicate vehicle failures, maintenance needs of a vehicle, and vehicle-related data to consumers and service centres

Infiniti launched the lab in partnership with Multiplicity, a Toronto-based non-profit that provides education and mentorship to startups.


Amira Zubairi

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