#Icebucketchallenge: OMERS Ventures Calls Out Real Ventures, iNovia and Georgian Partners

Update: iNovia Capital has responded to OMERS Ventures’ challenge in outrageous fashion. Read more below

I’ll assume a few you have already grown a little weary of the endless amount of #icebucketchallange’s filling up your poor timelines. But hey, it’s all for ALS research right? (Seriously though: once guys like Bill Gates have done it, it may be time to pack up).

And let’s also be clear on one thing: no one (I say no one) can top 4th line NHLer and Twitter celeb Paul Bissonette’s #icebucketchallenge, which has now racked up 3.3 million views on YouTube.

Still, international celebrities and non-celebrities alike continue to play along with the partly self-serving social media fad.

That includes the Canadian venture capital circle, as Toronto’s OMERS Ventures recently posted a video of the team joyfully dumping ice water all over themselves in support of ALS. Damien Steel, Megh Gupta, Bram Sugarman, Gideon Hayden, Garry Chan and David Crow all doused themselves in unison, which preceded a good ol’ fashioned call-out.

They’re challenging the folks from Montreal’s Real Ventures, Toronto and Montreal’s iNovia Capital and Toronto’s Georgian Partners. Specifically, Crow targeted a few select investors on Twitter, including the “Gordon Ramsay of Canadian Startups” John Stokes and his co-investor JS Cournoyer, BetaKit guest poster and investor Karamdeep Nijjar and co-investor Kevin Swan.

Investors, you’ve now been served.

1:54 PM- iNovia Capital responds

iNovia Capital just sent us this video, chanelling their inner-Bissonnette for a spectacular response. A job well done, iNovia.

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