H|T: The Healthtech Times – The 🇨🇦 company taking the pain out of patient transfer

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Plus: Quebec’s medical records database still only accessible via Internet Explorer.

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Able Innovations announces $7.5 million to take the pain out of patient transfer (BETAKIT)

In an interview with BetaKit, Puri described the typical patient transfer process as “pretty crude,” adding that it can cause pain to patients and result in hospital staff experiencing injuries. Amid an already short-staffed healthcare system during COVID-19, the issues associated with this routine task have become magnified.

Oracle Wins Regulatory Approvals for $28 Billion Cerner Takeover (BNN BLOOMBERG)

Oracle expects to close the deal on June 6 after the completion of its $95-a-share tender offer to Cerner investors. Ellison is scheduled June 9 to discuss the acquisition and Oracle’s cloud-based health services, the company said in the statement.

Think Research sees 142 percent rise in Q1 revenue fuelled by acquisitions, “major contract wins” (BETAKIT)

Think Research’s Q1 revenue growth was fuelled by its acquisitions and a rise in the company’s software and data revenue, which Think Research chalked up to “recent major contract wins.” It also came despite a decline in revenue across the company’s other segments, which Think Research attributed to “delays in clinical research and clinical service operations associated with the Omicron outbreak.”

Carbon Health lays off 8% of staff (TECHCRUNCH)

In his letter to employees, CEO EREN Bali outlined two reasons for the decision to let go of staff — despite its continued and fast growth over the years. The first was winding down some of its business lines related to COVID. The second was a focus on profitability.

Cerebral announces layoffs as part of operational restructure amid federal investigation (FIERCE HEALTHCARE)

"This process will necessitate difficult decisions to restructure our operations, most notably the closure of a certain number of roles within the Cerebral team. Our top priority is to approach this process with empathy, fairness, and transparency, ensuring we treat our team members with the dignity and benefits they deserve," the spokesperson said in the statement.

Why Canalyst’s Damir Hot thinks every entrepreneur should have a co-founder (BETAKIT)

“Every time I left the company, I joined the next one in an earlier and a more senior role, and less cash comp and more stock,” said Hot. “And then eventually there was nowhere to go but start from ground zero, and so I found an amazing co-founder and then off we went.”

23andMe posts $217M net loss during 'transitional' fiscal year (MOBIHEALTHNEWS)

The consumer genetics company also posted a loss of $70 million during its fourth quarter, compared with $67 million during Q4 2021. 23andMe attributed the increase in net loss during the quarter to increased operating expenses driven by sales and marketing, including the addition of expenses for its newly acquired telehealth segment.

BC startups Kardium, HTEC, Kobalt, Symvivo receive cumulative $11.1 million from feds (BETAKIT)

Kardium is expected to receive $5 million through the Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP) program. Founded in 2007, Burnaby-headquartered Kardium offers medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm disorder.

How Olive pivoted 27 times on its way to a $4 billion valuation (TECHCRUNCH)

Sean Lane co-founded Olive in 2012, and signed on Chris Olsen from Drive Capital as the company’s first investor. Now, nearly 10 years later, Olive has raised $856.3 million on its way to being a driving force in using artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry. But the company’s path to success wasn’t a straight line.

CVS Health Debuts Virtual Primary Care (PYMNTS)

The new offering, which is being sold to Aetna fully insured, self-insured plan sponsors, and CVS Caremark clients, takes effect for eligible Aetna members starting Jan. 1, 2023, and for eligible CVS Caremark members during the second quarter of 2023. CVS Health Virtual Primary Care serves as a complement to Aetna’s existing virtual care strategy.

Doctor-founded Cherry Health closes $1.23 million to expand job-matching platform for physicians (BETAKIT)

The Calgary-based healthtech startup, which describes itself as “Canada’s medical staffing network,” offers a smartphone-based self-serve job-matching app that connects doctors to medical clinics seeking to fill locum positions.

Quebec’s medical records database still only accessible via Internet Explorer (THE LOGIC)

The only way for Quebec medical professionals to access the province’s database of medical records is by using Internet Explorer, an obsolete web browser that has faced “an endless parade of deeply problematic security issues.”

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