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How to design healthcare to be more human (BETAKIT)

“Those designing healthtech solutions think they can be disruptive with the technology while playing within the visual norms of this industry. We disagree.”

Sight Diagnostics starts selling an AI-based diagnostics device for faster blood tests (TECHCRUNCH)

Sight Diagnostics claims the compact, desktop machine — called OLO — which analyzes single-use cartridges manually loaded with drops of the patient’s blood, can deliver “lab-grade” complete blood count (CBC) tests from only a finger prick of blood.

Amazon and start-up Xealth are planning a pilot where doctors would ‘prescribe’ products to be delivered after patients leave the hospital (CNBC)

With the Meditation Studio acquisition, Interaxon now offers a database of over 400 guided meditations and courses.

Interaxon acquires Colorado-based Meditation Studio to offer meditation courses (BETAKIT)

With the Meditation Studio acquisition, Interaxon now offers a database of over 400 guided meditations and courses.

Stanford AI can predict negative side effects of millions of drug combinations (NEWATLAS)

A new system from a team of computer scientists at Stanford University presents a novel solution – an AI-driven computer system than can predict the consequences of combining two drugs.

A pharmacy startup that’s raised $165 million in funding has found a new way to lower drug prices for patients paying with cash (BUSINESSINSIDER)

By partnering with Blue Eagle, Blink Health, which aims to make prescription drugs more affordable, will be able to offer its pharmacy partners complete transparency into how much they will be paid for every prescription.

Technology in healthcare is moving from mainframes to iPhones (TECHCRUNCH)

“The shift from large, centralized testing facilities, to in-clinic and at-home tests has begun. These tests provide an increased quality of care, while decreasing the costs incurred across the value-chain.”

Alphabet and ResMed are spinning out a start-up to solve sleep apnea, a hidden health crisis (CNBC)

Alphabet’s Verily, its health unit, is spinning out a new company along with ResMed, a public company that specializes in sleep apnea and chronic respiratory diseases, to tackle sleep apnea.

As millennials come to expect telehealth, organizations make the shift toward virtual care (HEALTHTECHMAGAZINE)

Incorporating remote care options now could future proof organizations as consumer appetites for services shift.

Applications from healthcare consortia for Strategic Innovation Fund due August 31 (BETAKIT)

Stream four of the Strategic Innovation Fund will invest in initiatives that work at the intersection of data and Canada’s health and biosciences sector.

Healthtech startup Oura Health raises €5M (FINSMES)

The round, which has brought its total private funding to date to €12.5 million, was led by Bold Capital Partners and Tesi.


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