How has the tech downturn affected founder mental health?

WOC in tech
Nervous founders. Nervous investors. Nervous… everyone.

Tech winter. Nervous founders. Nervous investors. Nervous… everyone. Talk about a change of pace. What’s the effect on entrepreneurs’ mental health? Let’s find out.

Douglas is out this week so it’s just me, speaking again with Dr. Michael Freeman, founder of Econa, a global center of excellence for entrepreneur mental wellness based out of San Francisco.

“There’s a direct relationship between the mental health of the entrepreneur and the performance of the company.”

We first had Michael on the podcast in February of 2021, right at the heart of the endless pandemic. What I love about talking to him is that he’s both a psychiatrist and someone who understands the needs of the entrepreneur, which is a rarity.

On this episode we focus on, well, the opposite of February 2021. Bearish economy, war, mass layoffs in tech for the first time in decades, and a waning pandemic. Let’s talk, again, about mental health.

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