How Edusight’s platform wants to help school boards make better decisions with data

While school boards regularly collect data about students’ grades and performance, they aren’t always able to collect and analyze it in a way that helps them improve students’ education experiences.

To help school boards make better decisions with data, Edusight, the latest company to pitch on The Disruptors, has developed a gradebook and analytics services platform to help teachers track and improve students’ learning outcomes.

The Toronto-based company offers two tools: Edusight Classroom, which helps teachers document students’ learning with notes, photos, audio, and videos in the classroom; and Edusight Magic, where Edusight’s advisors analyze the data collected to make tangible recommendations to school boards. In mid-August, Edusight announced the launch of its advisory service Edusight Magic in partnership with three-Ontario based school districts.

“Today, we have over 7,000 teachers recording data on over 100,000 students around the world,” said Vikram Sumasundaram, a co-founder and CEO of Edusight. “Our mission is to understand how students learn working alongside public school boards and helping them transform how public education is delivered.”

Disruptors co-host Bruce Croxon said Edusight is among emerging edtech startups like Knowledgehook, which was named the Top Disruptor of the season, that are trying to find ways to improve education experiences and performance results in Canada. “I’ve learned that education scores are a huge priority. I’m not surprised that we’re seeing so many ed-tech startups coming along,” said Croxon. “They are noble in their aspirations. It’s all about distribution, it’s tough to get into school boards, but once you’re in, there’s no reason that you should get the boot.”

Watch the full pitch below:

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