How Can We Create Real, Meaningful Content? SoulPancake Brings Open, Honest Talk Back to the Table

According to SoulPancake creative director Golriz Lucina, it’s too easy to create inauthentic, effortless content. It takes effort to go out and find real, human-interest content that speaks to people’s hearts.

Not unsurprisingly, the Los Angeles-based Lucina pulled a real-live example while talking to a crowd at NXNE Interactive 2014, choosing a person at random and having them come up on stage and call the person that has influenced them the most, put their conversation on speakerphone for everyone to hear, and tell that person what they mean to them.

It’s the type of content that SoulPancake is focusing on: real, meaningful content about spirituality, life, death and other topics, and not just shock media. And the company has been celebrated for it too, with such videos like A Pep Talk from Kid President to You, which has been viewed over 32 million times, The Science of Happiness, with over two million views and more.

We caught up with Lucina after her presentation and asked her all about how companies can make this real content. (She also made sure to make a squirming Joseph Czikk promise that he would call his dad after the interview).