Happy Holidays: #BKchats saved media & marketing with tech (and tweets)


While many media and marketing professionals lament how technology has made life more difficult, there is a case to be made for how tech can actually help save these industries (we’re certainly hoping so, – ed.).

Earlier this month, BetaKit hosted a Twitter chat with StackAdapt, inviting other industry leaders to discuss whether tech could truly save media and marketing. Erin Bury, managing director at 88 Creative, Jerrid Grimm, co-founder of Pressboard Media, Jeff Brenner, co-founder at Pressly, and Jodi Brown, director at MediaCom Canada, joined StackAdapt co-founder Vitaly Pecherskiy to discuss monetization, the competitive attention economy, and emerging tech for marketing and media.

Here’s the best of what they had to say. Enjoy!

The biggest problems facing brands trying to share their message

The biggest problems online publishers face in driving revenue from ads

Do brands have all the tech they need, or is there something missing?

On whether publishers should give up trying to get readers to pay for content

Why some brands still don’t see the value of content

Are adblockers or low CTRs scarier for brands?

How to describe native advertising for the average journalist

Finally, what media and marketing will look like in 2016

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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