Hacking Health St. John’s opens registration for Hackathon 2019

Hacking Health has opened registration for its St. John’s health hackathon, a weekend-long hackathon aimed to address the barriers to healthcare innovation.

This year’s health hackathon has the goal of bringing together healthcare professionals with developers, designers, and innovators in order to draft up solutions to problems that the healthcare industry currently faces, as well as to bridge the gap between medicine and technology.

The hackathon’s goal is to bring together healthcare professionals, developers, designers, and innovators.

Applicants will be grouped into teams that include individuals across all disciplinaries, with only the weekend to finish designing a solution. Teams will then demo their solutions to a panel of judges, who will decide which team came up with the best product by Sunday evening. Prizes will be awarded after the winners are announced.

Those interested in pitching will do so on the first day of the hackathon. Participants will have one minute to pitch and speak about the problem they are addressing, why it is important, the proposed solution, and who or what you are looking for (a developer, designer or an industry expert).

Hacking Health is an international initiative dedicated to breaking down barriers to innovation in healthcare. In 2015, Hacking Health worked with BDC Capital, Real Ventures, and MaRS to launch the Hacking Health Accelerator, a digital innovation platform focusing on developing healthcare technologies. The St John’s event is also organized by Bounce Health Innovation, based in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The hackathon takes place at the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University, on March 1, with registration and networking beginning at 5:30 p.m. It runs until March 3 at 4 p.m., where winners will be announced. Tickets range from $5 for students, to $15 for developers, designers, and other industry professionals.

The full schedule and information about the hackathon can be found here.

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