Hack To Start Ep. 97: Khoi Vinh, Director of Mobile Product Design at Adobe

Hack to Start

This week’s guest is Khoi Vinh, the Director of Product Design, Mobile at Adobe.

With a background in graphic design, Khoi really got into his career as a product designer with the New York Times after several successful years as the co-founder of his own design firm.

He then left and launched Mixel, a new type of creative app for the iPad.

However, without as much traction as they needed to keep operating independently, Khoi and his co-founder managed to get the app and team acquired by Etsy.

After the acquisition, Khoi left Etsy after a few months to continue learning and experimenting with technology – specifically around how people create on different devices and on the go.

He’s now helping to lead the creation of a new generation of creative apps, for new technologies and hardware like the iPad Pro at Adobe.

Khoi joins us to share his story, some of the challenges around running your own company, what it’s like working at Adobe, how he thinks about the intersection of tech, design and creativity, how he’s approaching bringing startup energy to the team, and much more!

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