Hack To Start Ep.180: Tom Levesque, co-founder of Rey.ai

Hack to Start

Tom Levesque is the co-founder at Rey.ai.

Levesque is a software developer turned product manager. After graduating and working with a local startup in Waterloo, Levesque decided to move to the Valley where he ended up joining Wildfire before it was acquired by Google.

Before he’d even graduated as a software developer from the University of Waterloo, Levesque had found an interest in product management.

He then joined a series of startups in Canada, Silicon Valley, and the UK, including Wildfire (which was acquired by Google), VigLink (where he helped raise a $20M Series B round) and more.

Today, he’s the co-founder and developer of Rey.ai, an AI-based email platform that’s redefining our conception of a “social network.”

Levesque joins us to share his story, how he got into tech & startups, how he approaches building products, what he’s currently working on with Rey.ai, and much more.

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