Hack To Start Ep.163: Drew Strojny, founder of Memberful

Hack to Start

Drew Strojny is a retired NFL player turned tech entrepreneur. He is the founder of Memberful, super easy to use membership software.

Growing up, Strojny had a passion for tech and computers. During the NFL offseason, Strojny continued to teach himself how to code and build websites.

When his career in professional sports came to an end after a few years, Strojny decided to launch his own company. But the original model never succeeded.

After several years of building WordPress sites and selling premium themes online, Strojny noticed that there was no simple way of selling and managing online memberships. Four years ago, he launched Memberful and has been growing the software ever since.

Strojny joins us to share his story, what it was like transitioning from a career in professional sports to tech startups, what it was like launching his first company, how he’s bootstrapped both Theme Foundry and Memberful, how he approaches building small teams, and much more.

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