Hack To Start Ep.162: John Doherty, founder of Credo

Hack to Start

John Doherty is the founder of Credo, a platform for connecting great businesses with the best vetted digital marketing consultants and agencies.

He took a side project that started as a spreadsheet from a $50 dollar referral commission to a SaaS marketplace that has tripled its annual run rate.

Before diving into a startup of his own, Doherty worked at Distilled in NYC, and later joined Zillow. There, he focused on growing Hotpads into their #2 brand. Starting off with a team of one, Doherty quickly grew his organization to eight people in just 12 months, increasing their listings’ visibility by 200 percent.

Doherty joins us to share his story, what it was like running a nimble team inside a larger real estate company, some challenges to rapidly growing a team, how he took Credo from a spreadsheet to a full-time company, some of the biggest challenges he had to face over the last three years as the business model evolved, and much more.

Hack To Start is a weekly podcast focused on interesting people and the innovative ways they achieve success hosted by @FrancoVarriano and @TylerCopeland.

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