Hack To Start Ep.155: Jeff Morris Jr., director of product management and revenue at Tinder

Hack to Start

Jeff Morris Jr. is the director of product management and revenue at Tinder.

Morris Jr. got into tech after seeing a tweet late one night for a position with Zaarly. The next day, he had to move from California to Kansas City, Missouri — if he wanted the job.

Morris Jr. quickly made a name for himself and became one of the first few city managers. Following his time building the marketplace, Morris Jr. began consulting, before working on several of his own projects — like Slack Chats, a directory of popular Slack channels that grew to over 80,000 users.

Morris Jr. then joined the team at Tinder to work on increasing retention and engagement through the product and marketing channels. Today, Morris Jr. also works with the team of engineers, designers, and marketers to create, build and launch new, paid features for the platform.

Morris Jr. joins us to share his story, how he started his career in tech, what it was like growing a massive marketplace at Zaarly, what it was like joining the team at Tinder, how he approaches product management, how he’s approached working on monetization over the last year, and much more!

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