Hack To Start Ep.154: Huda Idrees, founder and CEO of Dot Health

Hack to Start

Huda Idrees is the founder and CEO of Dot Health, a platform that enables secure and easy access to your personal health data.

Idrees began her career as a developer and designer by building websites as a teenager. She then attended the University of Toronto and studied Industrial Engineering before diving into startups.

Idrees has been a part of several successful Canadian consumer tech startups, including Wattpad, where she joined as one of the first employees and really dove into product design. She also helped develop and grow several products at Wave.

She then joined Wealthsimple as one of the earliest team members and served as the Chief Product Officer – scaling the company though a major brand shift and launching its mobile presence on both Android and iOS.

Today, Idrees is the founder of Dot Health, an innovative healthcare platform that makes personal health data accessible and actionable.

Idrees joins us to share her story, how she started her career in tech, some of the biggest lessons she’s learnt building consumer technology startups, what it’s been like building Dot Health, and much more!

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