Hack To Start Ep.153: Mubashar Iqbal, co-founder of BotList

Hack to Start

Mubashar Iqbal aka Mubs is the co-founder of BotList – and several other startups and side projects.

Iqbal is originally from Pakistan, but spent most of his early years living in England before moving to the US. He’s created a successful career in technology, working in several different industries. He’s also built several side projects over the last few years, winning Product Hunt’s Maker of the year in 2016.

Iqbal joins us to share his story, how he started his career in tech, why he works on side projects, how he transitions side projects into independent startups, what it’s been like building BotList, and much more!

Hack To Start is a weekly podcast focused on interesting people and the innovative ways they achieve success hosted by @FrancoVarriano and @TylerCopeland.

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