Hack To Start Ep.142: Nick Patrick, co-founder and CEO of Radar

Hack to Start

Nick Patrick is the co-founder and CEO of Radar, the location platform for mobile apps.

Patrick has a background in computer science, but has coupled that with an MBA from Harvard and extensive experience as a Product Manager at Microsoft and later at Foursquare and a startup called Handy.

Even though smartphones have been around for the past decade, location is still relatively new and often under used. That’s because it’s always been a challenge to add location into apps effectively.

Patrick and his cofounder Coby Berman are looking to change this. Radar was accepted into Expa Labs, and is currently building the location platform for developers, aiming to make location as simple as Stripe created payment processing.

Nick joins us to share his story, how he got into tech and startups, what it’s been like building Radar, what it was like being a part of Expa Labs, how Radar is approaching building a developer community, and much more!

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