Hack To Start Ep. 105: Victoria Young, product marketing lead at Uber

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Victoria Young is a product marketing lead at Uber.

Young likes to think about the intersection of culture and technology – working with emerging startups and new media platforms to creatively apply technology and new strategies to solve complex problems.
At Uber, Young is currently focused on one of Uber’s fastest expanding products, uberPOOL. There, she spearheaded the launch of go-to-market campaigns for new product features and defined the strategy for marketing programs that drive acquisition and growth of users, leading cross-functional teams from ideation through execution. She also led the marketing campaign for a national uberPOOL partnership with CapitalOne, which resulted in triple digit sustained growth.

Young was also selected as one of eight KPCB Product Fellows, through a process that included over 2,500 applications from over 200 universities and over 600 interviews. KPCB Product Fellows is a program that provides top-quality mentorship, opportunities to create meaningful relationships between talented individuals, and work experiences with substantial responsibilities.

Young recently spoke at TEDxUCLA, acted as a mentor at RECESS, and frequently speaks at events on marketing, entrepreneurship, diversity, and technology. She’s also a frequent blogger on her site.
She joins us to share her story, what it was like getting selected as a KPCB Fellow, how’s she’s approached building such an amazing career, what it’s like working at Uber, some of the common growth/product mistakes she sees other entrepreneurs and organizations making, and much more!

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