Hack To Start Ep. 103: Ruby Lee, Product Partner, KPCB Edge

Hack to Start

This week’s guest is Ruby Lee, a Product Partner at KPCB Edge, a team of builders, investing in seed stage founders working on emerging areas of technology.

While studying at Stanford, Ruby got more into startups through entrepreneurship and business groups. She was also part of the founding team of the Dorm Room Fund – a student-run investment group backed by First Round Capital.

After school, Ruby joined Google as an associate product manager through their APM program started over 10 years ago by Marissa Mayer. While at Google, Ruby worked with the Chrome team, then decided to join a less established team and worked on Project Fi.

Ruby was then approached by a friend to come help launch a new seed investment group out of KPCB. It’s been just over a year since KPCB Edge launched.

Ruby joins us to share her story, some of the initiatives they’ve launched over the last year, advice she has for new product managers and entrepreneurs looking to create new products, what they look for when investing, and much more!

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