Hack to Start Ep. 102: Adam Michalski, Partner Growth at Branch Metrics

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Adam Michalski is focused on Partner Growth at Branch Metrics, a deep-linking platform for mobile apps.
Michalski is an incredible entrepreneur based out of New York. After studying finance, Michalski began a career in banking and started working with larger corporate clients. Through this experience, he began to understand business operations and financing.

He then started to immerse himself in the local startup scene and taught himself more about tech startups. He launched a side project called DormChat. After growing it to 15 campuses and raising a seed round, Michalski went in full time. One year later, he realized there was too much competition and made the difficult decision to shut it down.

But mobile and startups were still a passion for Michalski and he found his way onto the GoButler team as they had just closed a massive Series A round and were setting up operations in the US, where he became the Director of Business Development and Operations.

Following his time with GoButler, Michalski came across the opportunity to join the team at Branch Metrics in setting up an East Coast office in NY and help them continue to work with some of the biggest mobile companies out there. Michalski joins us to explore the rapidly changing world of mobile, why messaging & bots were hot even years ago, and how the web & mobile are still evolving so quickly.

Michalski also shares his story, how he got into startups, what it was like launching and growing DormChat to seed stage, what he learned from joining and growing operations at GoButler through their Series A stage, what he’s now doing at Branch Metrics through Partner Growth and the launch of an East Coast office, why he’s so passionate about mobile, and much more!

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