Google and Actua launch Codemakers project to ‘change the way Canada’s youth think about computer science and technology’

Actua is a Canadian charity that offers “transformational experiences” to youth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Announced today, in conjunction with Google’s Eric Schmidt’s visit to Canada is a grant of $1.5 million that will fund a project called Codemakers to help “change the way Canada’s youth think about computer science and technology.”

The 3-year partnership has a goal is to inspire over 100,000 young Canadians across the country to become “the innovative computer science technology builders of tomorrow.”

“This is the largest single investment Google has made in Canada to support learning about computer science,” said Steven Woods, Google Canada’s Director of Engineering. “Computer science is not a language of ones and zeros. It’s the language of creativity, of entrepreneurship and potential. Canadian youth need to learn not just how to use technology, but how to design it and build it too.”

“This project will change the way youth view computer science by engaging them in projects that move them from being consumers of technology to producers of technology,” said Flanagan, Actua’s president and CEO. “This investment from Google, which includes both funding and access to top Google innovators, will leverage the power of technology to inspire the next generation of innovators.”

Codemakers project begins Autumn 2014 with experts designing computer science focused educational programming and will be tested in Summer 2015, then rolled out to the full Actua network.

Ian Hardy

Ian Hardy

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