Fuckup Nights Toronto presenting failure stories from health and life sciences innovators

On May 31, Fuckup Nights Toronto will host a special themed event focused on the health and life sciences sectors.

Taking place at the Autodesk Technology Centre, Fuckup Nights Toronto: Science, Innovation, and Failure will feature three health and life sciences innovators who will share their professional failure stories and the lessons they learned in the fields of brain development and stem cell biology, biotech, and cannabis.

Samantha Yammine, a science communicator completing her PhD at the University of Toronto; John Prentice, CEO of Ample Organics; and Shawn Glinter, the founder and CEO at Pendant Biosciences, will tell their story in 10 minutes.

“In health and life sciences, failure is simply not published or shared. It’s swept under the rug and made invisible.”
– Marsha Druker

“In health and life sciences, failure is simply not published or shared. It’s swept under the rug and made invisible,” said Marsha Druker, founder and director of Fuckup Nights Toronto. “The purpose of this event and community is to create a culture shift around failure, learn from it, and enable a mindset of innovation.”

Druker indicated that the health and sciences-themed event will help expand the scope of the Fuckup Nights Toronto community.

“We’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response to our regular monthly events,” said Druker. “I’m excited to further grow the Fuckup Nights Toronto community and continue destroying the negative connotation around failure by expanding to industry-specific events. And what better place to start than Health & Life Sciences?”

Fuckup Nights Toronto recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of its speaker series on March 15.

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Amira Zubairi

Amira Zubairi

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