FuckUp Nights Toronto celebrating one-year anniversary with speakers from Fiix, Bunz


FuckUp Nights Toronto is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its speaker series on March 15 at The Concert Hall, where it’s bringing a lineup of entrepreneurs to talk frankly about failure.

“For many people admitting failure in business is still somewhat of a taboo.”
– Marsha Druker, director of FuckUp Nights Toronto

FuckUp Nights, which is hosted in over 250 cities in 80 countries, aims to break down stigmas behind failure and amplify the message that failure is healthy. The event invites speakers from all walks of life, including tech and ecommerce entrepreneurs, business owners, social entrepreneurs, artists, corporate managers, and advertising leaders. Events, which include three to four stories of failure, are often hosted at Shopify.

“For many people admitting failure in business is still somewhat of a taboo. We have lots of new startups in Toronto, but not the same ‘fail-until-you-make-it’ culture of Silicon Valley,” said Marsha Druker, founder and director of Fuckup Nights Toronto. “Fuckup Nights Toronto is here to amplify the message that failure is healthy and essential to learning and growing. We’re helping people talk about an uncomfortable subject and normalizing it, while doing it in a way that’s fun and accessible.”

This month’s event features Sascha Darius Mojtahedi, CEO of Bunz Trading Zone; Catie Fenn, lawyer and life coach; Khallil Mangalji, founder and CTO at Fiix, and Theresa Laurico, founder of sociaLIGHT.

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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