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SecureKey raises $27 million from major banks as founder Greg Wolfond returns as CEO

BMO, Bank of Nova Scotia, CIBC, Desjardins, RBC, and TD participated in the funding round and are teaming up with SecureKey on the rollout. Newly-returned CEO Greg Wolfond says that Canada’s strict FinTech regulations make it the best place to build their next product.


Power Financial exec and former Horizons ETFs CEO among backers of Portag3 FinTech fund

The hybrid fund is a result of a corporate partnership between Power Financial, IGM Financial, and Great-West Lifeco.


Trust disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain episode 6 analyzes the future

Will the technology ever be integrated into our world’s mainstream economy? Whose vision will prevail, Wall Street or Silicon Valley? [video]


The bank of the future will be invisible – KPMG

KPMG claims that by 2030, banks and banking will be hidden by Siri-like personal assistants that cull data from our connected lives to fulfil daily personal and financial obligations.

Huffington Post

Shift to enterprise FinTech puts customer experience first

GROW CEO Kevin Sandhu explains how the next evolution of FinTech will benefit customers globally.

Enterprising Investor

The FinTech effect: what will bring the most change?

EI asked CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers what aspect of FinTech they believe has the potential to most transform the finance sector as we know it.

IT Business Canada

North America’s first FinTech chatbot is Canadian

Thinking Capital introduced “Lucy”, an AI-powered virtual banking assistant developed by Vancouver-based Finn.ai that provides customers with 24/7 support through Facebook Messenger.


Visa treads on Swift’s toes with blockchain pilot for high value payments

Visa is working with blockchain outfit Chain on the development of a near real-time funds transfer system for high value bank-to-bank and corporate payments.


How to win in the game of odds in the next FinTech frontier — insurance

Whatever keeps people safest leads to the lowest claims — and the happiest people. Insurance technology is getting very popular among founders and investors, yet, as a category, is little understood.


Canadians are becoming more open to using digital wallets

63 percent of Canadians use cash to complete a transaction at least once a week. This is down five percent from 2015, which represents the greatest decline in the traditional payment methods over the past year.

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