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Money 20/20

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Flexiti Financial raises $5 million Series A to fuel mission of leading the POS financing space(BETAKIT)

Flexiti’s platform allows retailers to offer low or no-interest financing, convert big ticket purchases to monthly or deferred payment plans, and establish a dedicated line of credit by creating a virtual private label card.

What banks can learn from FinTech startups(BETAKIT)

Salesforce Canada’s GM of Commercial Sales says that while FinTechs might not pose a serious threat to Canada’s banks today, there are lessons that traditional financial institutions can — and must — learn from them to remain relevant tomorrow.

Money 20/20 recap: Jack Dorsey, blockchain, and the future of financial services(VENTUREBEAT)

The one thing everyone seems to agree on: they don’t want to make the same mistake with blockchain that they did a decade ago with PayPal, which was to ignore it completely, wait for it to go away, and then get surprised when it grows up and becomes a threat.

Overbond gets access to Thomson Reuters fixed income data(FINEXTRA)

Through Thomson Reuters Labs, the companies will also be exploring opportunities to drive further innovation in the fixed income capital markets through collaborative research and development.

Mastercard adds blockchain APIs to developer site(NFCWORLD)

The Blockchain Core API will allow developers to run their own blockchain nodes, define transaction types and manage participation in a blockchain network.

Serving up a better burger: How IoT and blockchain will reinvent the global supply chain(VENTUREBEAT)

Today IBM is working with businesses across industries to implement IoT Blockchain solutions that bring an entire new level of trust, traceability, and accountability to global supply chain systems.

Android malware targets bank and social media apps(FINEXTRA)

Cybersecurity experts are warning about new Android malware that can steal the login credentials from 94 different mobile banking apps around the world.

Canadian regulator seeks blockchain experts for FinTech panel(COINDESK)

The panel will coordinate with and provide advice to the OSC’s LaunchPad, a FinTech-focused initiative that serves as a communication point between startups and regulators.

Top national bank regulator says he won’t be lenient with FinTech firms(WSJ)

IThe top regulator for national banks took a hard line on financial technology regulation, saying that the agency would apply the full sweep of financial laws to FinTech firms that want to test new services.

Paym hits £300M mark(FINEXTRA)

Launched in April 2014, with the backing of Britain’s major high street players, Paym lets users make person-to-person and person-to-business payments from within their bank’s app by simply using a mobile phone number as a proxy.

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