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Tangerine and PC Financial announce support for Apple Pay(BETAKIT)

The two Canadian banks have updated their mobile apps to support Apple Pay.

How to get financially ready to have a kid and still feel joy(WEALTHSIMPLE)

About to welcome a little bundle of joy to the family, but worried about your finances? Let our guide take away some of that stress. (sponsored)

NetCents launches merchant payment solution aimed at fighting fraud with blockchain technology(BETAKIT)

The Vancouver-based company has launched beta testing of its Payment Gateway platform – find out how its blockchain technology prevents fraud.

The great digital-currency debate: ‘new’ Ethereum vs. Ethereum ‘classic’(WSJ)

Two exact versions of the same cryptocurrency exist. How will this schism be rectified – or can it be fixed at all?

Future of FinTech depends on APIs(DZONE)

APIs connect the FinTech ecosystem – but it’s going to be a problem if new innovations go extinct.

ClearXchange P2P payments network expands through Visa and MasterCard deals(FINEXTRA)

Early Warning has agreed deals to tap the Visa Direct and MasterCard Send platforms to let US debit card holders send money to each other.

The great FinTech robo advisor race(FORBES)

If robots are indeed the future, then FinTech is leading the way with robo advisors – but there are many factors to consider as competition heats up.

The 27 FinTech unicorns from around the world, ranked by value(BUSINESS INSIDER)

Ascensions, declines, and a growth in China – here are some of the top FinTech unicorns globally.

Bitcoin tumbles as hackers steal $65 million from Hong Kong exchange(FINEXTRA)

In the aftermath of a hacking attack at Hong Kong-based Bitfinex, the cryptocurrency has dropped from a weekend high.

What Asian banks can learn from Amazon about working for FinTech(FORBES)

While banks in Asia continue to protect their local markets from the invasion of new players, Amazon is leasing its infrastructure. Here’s why the latter comes out on top.

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